The Nest

The Nest by Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney

“Leo was the only one who had never petitioned Francie for a loan using The Nest as collateral. Jack and Melody and Bea had all asked at one time that she consider an earlier dispersal, but she stubbornly refused.Until Leo’s accident.” -The Nest

Hey friends! So I know I’ve been really bad and haven’t been on here for a long time. Life has been insane. Along with the normal insanity of life, since my last post, I interviewed, accepted, and started a new job. Long story short I put the blog on the back burner for a little bit as I barely had enough time to read, let alone write. I am so excited for this new chapter in my life and excited to get back blogging as well, it has been too long.

So today I want to talk about another book I read for my book club, The Nest. I really enjoyed this one. I listened to it on audiobook from The narrator was great and I would recommend that version if you aren’t going to buy the physical book. The story itself was good. I would recommend it if you are looking to read something with a little drama, a little humor, and an easy story line to follow.

The book is about 4 adult siblings who, awaiting a trust fund set up by their late father, must overcome their differences and their previous life choices when things don’t go as planned. The siblings were never particularly close, and are forced to meet up and confront their older brother, who jeopardizes their trust fund, the “nest”, when he gets into an accident only a few months from when they are eligible to get their money.

Sweeney developed the characters in a way that makes them funny yet frustrating as it seems every move they make is one that, personally, I would never do, and that almost further drives them apart and from any chance at fixing their money issues. That being said, as the story progresses, the characters (most of them) become more likeable and learn to like each other in a way that wasn’t possible in their pre-trust fund lives.

There is drama, heartache, and comedy– a  good combination to make a fun read. I wouldn’t say this needs to be the next book you pick up, or that it should shoot to the top of your list, but I did enjoy it, and if you enjoy books with a good amount of dysfunctional characters and a simple yet satisfying story line, you will probably like this one too. So while it might not be the game changing book that you have to drop everything to read now, it is one that I would add to your list and get to when you can, it was a fun read.

Have you read this book or one similar? Did you have a hard time connecting to or understanding the characters and their outlandish ways of thinking? Did you enjoy it, or is there anything that could have made it more compelling?

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Thanks for stopping by and happy reading!