Red Rising SAGA

Since this is my first post, what better starting point than to get you acquainted with the last few books I have been read this year which happened to be part of a trilogy*.

Red Rising Trilogy* by Pierce Brown

This New York Times Bestselling trilogy* (Red Rising, Golden Son, Morning Star) was an absolute delight. They were loaned to me by a colleague who shares my love of a good dystopian novel. These books focus on a somewhat dystopian, post-apocalyptic world after humans ruined Earth and had to spread to other planets to survive.

This new world is made up of a Society made of Colors; Gold on the top, Red on the bottom. You were born into your color, and you lived your life according to what that color was assigned to do.  While I believe it does books a vast injustice to compare them to more well known series’, if you enjoy The Hunger Games, Maze Runner, or the Divergent series, you will probably enjoy this one as well. The divisions in this society would be comparable to the “Districts” in Hunger Games or the “Factions” in the Divergent series. Like I said, these books absolutely stand alone and are not just another Hunger Games, but it helps to know what you are getting yourself into.

As you can imagine (considering it’s a trilogy and no one wants to read three books about how nothing changed) this Society is practically begging to be challenged. In this tale, the protagonist Darrow, a low red, has to fight his own beliefs, urges, and prejudices in order to bring his world to justice and fix a broken and unjust society. Not unlike many protagonists, Darrow has his flaws and mishaps, and it is up to him and the few he learns to trust, to bring about a revolution that isn’t solely driven by hatred and vengeance.

In a world based on prejudice and separation of classes, Darrow and his friends must find a way to reconcile their differences and find common ground. This is a story of love lost and found, friendship and betrayal, war and peace.

It has everything! Action, romance, suspense… everything you can ask for in a series. I laughed, cried, and couldn’t tear myself away from these. They’re easy to read, easy to follow, and easy to love.

Have any of you read these? I would love your opinions on them (good and bad)! Feel free to comment or email me!


So I have heard a rumor that this trilogy is actually going to be a SAGA coming this October. The colleague who suggested I read these, informed me today that there is supposedly a fourth one coming out called Iron Gold! Not sure at all what this one is going to be about, but I will be sure to read it when it comes out and update you all!!



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